Mission Statement

Unify humanity through collaborative cooperation for the common good.


Vision Statement 

Enlighten the masses to a possible reality of  "Neutopia"

(the exisitance of a perfect society) 

Al Morris

Albert's parents and family background is Middle Eastern (Sephardic) Jewish.  From a small village in Mesopotamia, between Baghdad and Basra on the Tigress River. The village is known as Al-Azair and is the Tomb of Ezra, (Judge and Scribe in the Torah and Old Testament). It is a holy site for Christian, Muslim and Jews, accommodating pilgrims of the three faiths. His family, were for generations, the caretakers and administrators of the Tomb, until 1948 when the Jews were banished from Iraq, and now dispersed in Israel, America and Australia. Albert is a grandson of the last Jewish caretaker of the Tomb. Born in Shanghai, and came to Australia as a babe-in-arms in 1925.  Among his early childhood memories was his fascination of his father’s remarkable religious knowledge and ability to recite large sections of the five books of the Torah in Aramaic memorised from the first to last word (year after year) until the age of thirteen.


After about five years living in Australia isolated from his extended family, his father became disenchanted with Judaism, and became an atheist.


Albert’s real education began on leaving school and starting his working life at the age of fourteen. Two years and forty jobs later, having never been sacked, always seeking improvement, he finally found his niche` in marine engineering. This involved a five year apprenticeship with three nights per week at college and working on the mechanical repair of ships in Sydney Harbour - from the Queen Mary 1, to battleships, navel torpedo boats and cargo ships.


In between studying for exams and reading. His sport and recreational activities included a surf life saving club, with week-end beach patrol each summer. In winter he played Rugby League Football in district competitions and enjoyed camping and hunting trips with mates, in the natural bush-land around Sydney.


In 1945 after the war, he worked his way around Australia in a variety of activities and professions, learning from all people from hobos to academics and ended up on a Government Fisheries survey ship the “MV Fairwind". Spending the next two unforgettable years as an engineer around the coastline of Papua New Guinea and adjacent Islands in the South Pacific.  Trading with various local inhabitants, diving and spear fishing on the coral reefs.


At twenty-five he returned home, married, built his own house, started a family and an engineering construction business in partnership with a friend. As business demand grew and equipment was scarce, they designed and built eight mobile cranes over the next fifteen years, pioneering the development of hydraulics in construction machinery. After five years in business they structured the business around each having three Months annual vacation.


With a caravan, a wife and two children, they had many adventure packed trips. Among the most notable were buying a mine and digging for opals in Lightning Ridge, buying a fifty foot prawn boat and trawling banana prawns in the Gulf of Carpentaria, and marooning themselves for a month on an uninhabited island on the Great Barrier Reef. In between all of this he enjoyed other activities such as surfing, spear-fishing, sailing, hang-gliding and in retirement lawn bowls. After selling his engineering business thirty-five years on, he entered into a partnership with a young man in the motorcycle spare parts business. Purchasing used motorcycles and spare parts in Japan and retailing them in Sydney. After three successful years in the motorcycle business Albert accepted an offer from a cousin in the USA, to manage his China production of fashion garments. He sold his share of the bike business and moved to Hong Kong with his family.  This Involved trips to many cities in China, Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines.  However, after three years, missing family life, they returned home.


Albert now has six grandchildren and five great-grandchildren. He has emerged, blessed with good health and a well nourished intellect in the area of philosophy, theology and humanity. Having traveled extensively, read widely and searched deeply into nature and the human spirit, his book encapsulates the causes, effects and a cure for the ravages of war and economic, social, and religious conflicts.

(Author’s note) Exclusivity and the extremist elements of the three main stream religions, Judaism, Christianity and Islam have largely contributed to our present chaotic condition. If these problems are allowed to persist, then the life we have inherited may be no more than a terminal disease. On my Journey, the secular spiritual experiences in my life have been uplifting and awe-inspiring. I invite you to enter this realm and help change the world.