Quote from the  2005 commencement address at Stanford University.
 By Steve Jobs, Apple CEO


                                                                                            "Fluid Intelligence"

Don't be trapped by dogma – which is living with the results of other people's thinking. Don't let the noise of others' opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition.
Especially in these wild and unpredictable times, it is important to talk about the concept of fluid intelligence in relation to the ability to expand our awareness.
 Fluid intelligence has little to do with IQ or "book" intelligence. (Intellect), it is rather the ability to step outside of our beliefs and consider information which does not fit into our previously accepted view of reality.
Our deepest beliefs and conceptions about life and the world are to a great degree, conditioned by our childhood experiences, our education, the mass media, and various other external influences. An individual's level of fluid intelligence can be determined based on the degree to which he or she is able to let go of previously held conceptions on encountering reliable information or experiences which show these conceptions to be mistaken or overly simplistic.
At the other end of the spectrum from fluid intelligence is static intelligence. If an individual is rarely willing to reconsider or challenge their established beliefs, they are said to have a high degree of static intelligence. They aren't much.  (End quote)

What the World Needs “NOW”


The world is not bereft of good ideas and intentions. It is bereft of the capacity to Carry them out. What is required is the power of: ”COHESIVE COLLECTIVE CONSCIOUSNESS”
The world today is full of people that are labouring under the impression that our present condition represents; “all is for the best in this best of possible worlds”. Like the main character “Candide” in Voltaire’s book of the same name. ALL these people have developed a false consciousness that is provided by the particular environment, leaders and (controllers) of our “so-called, “Western civilization”.

Researching Human consciousness and awareness of the worldwide social condition shows there are only a very few factors that have effectively dulled our human sense of, compassion,  empathy and unity.


These values have been replaced with a sense of individuation and differentiation of particular groupings. The main ones are ethnic (nationality), political, theological or corporative and each have their strict rules and regulations; values that are socially fragmenting. These values are transmitted by the few controlling hierarchies, whose positions of power, wealth and wellbeing depend on – us, the various followers in their particular environment - to defend these values to the death if necessary. As we are witnessing in the world today.

What is desperately required NOW are Universal UNIFYING factors.

Which are: KNOWLEDGE and UNDERSTANDING the power of the cohesive collective consciousness of the great mass of the worlds population.

We are the victims of the few controlling hierarchies, “Civilisation’s Hijackers”




Humans everywhere have rituals and beliefs designed to strengthen their cohesion, cooperation and wellbeing within their particular society or community. As modern human beings, with the advent of the recent “technological revolution” it seems that some of us have acquired unlimited power to do whatever they want.


Today, the few with this power are endangering our ecology, our survival and the survival of many other species. These few rely on many areas of mind control to consolidate and protect their power base. The earliest of these is the belief in the super-natural.THEOLOGY which is the mother of politics.

The latest control method is politics and MEDIA SATURATION with theology as a well established tool.


As a by-product of 14 billion years of evolution in our universe, our particular life specie, homo-sapiens developed insight. Scientists named this phenomenon "consciousness", and began to explore the nature of awareness, the brain, inner thoughts, psyche and spirit. Today, we recognise, that we not only have consciousness but INSIGHT. However, we seem collectively, not to know much about it or how to harness it for the common good.

It’s about time we collectively grow up.

Not only are we conscious, but we are “aware” of our consciousness. The great problem for humanity today is the  Nature of this awareness and how it is manipulated.

  • Individually: With the child’s family cultural values and beliefs and

  • Collectively: To influence and drive people; like a drover with a herd of cattle or a shepherd with a flock of sheep.


Let’s take a look at this Approx. 1.4KG mass of tissue we call the brain.Within and from it our whole body functions are determined. We all have sensory receptors that convey their particular information. The brain analyses it and reacts in various individualistic ways. From birth our brain stores information into a compartment we conveniently call the memory. The memory is a vary useful (and dangerous) facility that is used to shape almost every action we produce. It is useful because it alerts us to past painful or pleasurable experiences and shapes our actions accordingly. Our brain functions are very largely a product of our personal experiences and our environment. This phenomenon is clearly demonstrated in the variety of cultural, political and theological divisions we see in the world today.


There appears to be 12 main cultures with ALL their different belief systems and gods.(Chinese, 9) (Aztec, 9) (Japanese 11)(Babylonian, 11) (Canaanite, 9) (Egyptian 9) (Greek, over 39) (Hindu, 13) (Norse, 10)Roman, over 50). Judaism, Christianity and Islam All with the same ONE God, but, over 100 cultural denominations. Over 300 of the gods in the thousands of theological belief systems in the course of Human history.

Unfortunately this has produced distinct groups with conflicting social values that have led to most of our cruel and aggressive activities worldwide that are becoming a threat to our very existence. Fortunately there are a growing number of people that can see the obvious stupidity of this behavior, but are unaware of a solution to its continuity and consequences.

It is exactly these rituals and beliefs that we have not only clung to, but proliferated and expanded over time, that have diverted our attention and distorted our awareness of the social obscenity that we have the hubris to call CIVILIZATION.

                                                           NOT ONLY MUST WE ASK WHY, but HOW. .


As a step towards developing the solution, we must firstly, realize the existence and importance of self determination. This is the individual ability to utilize our brain power of critical analysis beyond its conditioned state, commonly termed, thinking outside the box. Using our ability of "insight" to examine our own psyche` or (spirit) to recognize that we, as the species homo-sapiens are one. And the separations that we have created are a definite threat to our collective well-being.


.Scientists today believe that this “INSIGHT” is only comparatively recent to our evolutionary development, having emerged from our neo-cortex, that part of our brain responsible for complex thought, and enabling the awareness of our of our individual spirit or psyche. Thus, we are “THAT WHICH IS AWARE”! It is a state of mind capable of analysis beyond, separate from, sometimes contrary to our otherwise natural reactions..
EG: Imagination, fire walking, E.S.P (abilities that go beyond) the material things of which we are aware through our normal sensory perception.

                                                                           1  Consciousness

On Sunday 22 Sept 2013, at a Sydney Humanist group discussion on consciousness, the main speaker was David ?? , a highly qualified academic in the field of computer science and other similar technological fields. The thrust of his talk was that human consciousness was a brain function that involves not any particular part of the brain, but the brain as a whole. He seemed to imply that we individually have no objective control over the reaction to incoming stimuli, but react subjectively as a purely mechanical response to the various types of stimuli imposed, e.g. emotion, pain, fear, joy, or any of the five (or more) sensory perceived inputs. The implications are that these responses are natural and we have no (or very little) control over them. It seemed to me to suggest, that we really do not have a mind of our own, free will, or the ability to control or vary the automatic reactions to these various stimuli. (eg. Pavlov’s dogs)

To reinforce this view, he presented a series of slides showing medical researchers scanning a live human brain looking for the particular areas that dealt with conscious response under various conditions of mental awareness of the patient, from fully awake to induced drugged state. I suggest that this was the purely technological, scientific or mechanical view of the working of our brain, which it seems, Ignores philosophy.


                                                                   2). A PHILOSOPHICAL viewpoint.

Philosophy:(according to the Encarta Dictionary definition) , “Is the study and examination of basic concepts. Such as truth, existence, reality, causality and “freedom”. All of which do not have this purely mechanical structure”.

Language and communication are the means of conveying all kinds of real or abstract ideas and information


"CONCEPT": Understanding or grasp of abstract ideas, or guiding general principles.
"PERCEPTION": The process of observation and interpretation of information.


Individual perception, is based entirely on the experience and environment of the individual and described with the use of language. Through communication, individual perception can be modified according to the skills of the communicator. Some are skilled enough to completely hypnotize individuals or groups; with the result of altering the perception from a reality of any given situation to the will or whim of the speaker. This ability in itself, illustrates a limiting structure and pragmatic failure of the Technological, medical or mechanical analysis of brain function (consciousness) as a socially beneficial tool. The theories of Richard Dawkins nano-biology in “The Selfish Gene”, and the nano to macro astronomy of John Hagelin’s “ String theory or the Grand Unified Field” that he equates to consciousness may be “scientifically correct” ,

but absolutely meaningless to the worldwide populations and social condition.

The world’s population are the people of various cultures, nationalities and belief systems that are mobilised by ideas expressed by language, words, semantics.

It is the persuasive power and “The tyranny of words” that[1] has the ability to convince millions of us to believe in Mythological Gods, and the agenda of political controllers of various sovereign nations. Words that transform us into murderers without conscience! We see it happening around us, and most of us don’t stop to ask the simple question, WHY? ? ?


Humanity right now stands at a crossroad. The problems we face as we head into the rest of the century are massive; the virtual collapse of our economic systems, global warming, species extinction, over one billion people living in extreme poverty, over 800,000 of them at starvation level), terrorist threats, urban gang violence, food security, the list is long. Without mentioning the challenges we face in our social relationships and our personal lives. All of these show that yesterday’s solutions are not sufficient for the complex issues we face today. It cannot be fixed with the same tools that created them 

At the core, all of these problems are crises of consciousness and conscience. We’ve lost touch with our interior, our psyche`, or spiritual dimension. We don’t realize who or what we are. We will rise or fall depending upon our capacity as a species,

to acquire a new understanding of our spirit, psyche` and consciousness.


                                                                                    3. POLITICS

 We were, and still are, to a degree, tribal animals. Out of the tribal situation, and the human proclivity to form hierarchies, and our need to follow a leader, we enthroned Chiefs, Kings, Soothsayers etc. We granted these chosen leaders position and power above the normal communal society and with leadership came enormous power to influence the mass of the tribe. The advent of the Magna Carta in England, gave rise to parliamentary assemblies, where the power is not only by a Monarchy, Nobility, Theological denominational heads, (Popes Archbishops Imams etc.).


From the Magna Carta arose a state where various hierarchies representing the many areas of social differences compete for control in the English speaking countries and Europe. Which, up to the present day are the most powerful on the planet. However, In the passage of time between the advent of parliamentary rule and the present we see, Class, Ethnicity, Nationality, theology and ideology as areas of contention with seemingly insurmountable boundaries between the people and followers of the various groups. Added to these are other firmly embedded cultural and ideological boundaries in other geo-political areas - areas of great importance to our collective cohesion and co-existence). Personally, in order to address this problem, I wrote “Civilisation Hijacked” With the sub-title, “Rescuing Jesus from Christianity and The Human Spirit From Bondage”. The Subtitle was designed to show the importance of eliminating the various boundaries that have been created primarily by our primitive theological belief systems and the social-political control that evolved over time. Also, to show how this Cultural conditioning has been achieved with the clever use of language!


                                                                                  4). Language.

                                                          This is more important than most of us realize.
There are two main types of language that need to be understood. I believe that they are:

No.1). The most useful constructive tool available today and.

No.2). The most powerful lethal weapon.

I believe that the study and widespread understanding of this single fact could be a “catalyst for universal social change”.

When people recognise that language and words can be used as an enormously powerful weapons that threatening our very existence for what they are, the agenda behind them becomes clear. Some examples of these are as follows:

1. Constructive Tool words that describe COHESION, CO-OPERATION AND COLLABORATION, and

2, Lethal weapon words like, FRAGMENTATION, COMPETITION AND AGRESSION. (Weapons of Mass Distraction, Deception and Destruction)When we look at the big picture of how the world is today, the weapon words describe it. As recent historic examples of the leaders that we all recognise, Nelson Mandela and his constructive tool language for Sth. Africa, and other historic examples from leaders we all recognise: Mahatma Gandhi in India, Nelson Mandela and his constructive tool language for Sth. Africa, also Martin Luther King’s “I have a Dream” very memorable language that changed a nation; as opposed to:Ex-president George w. Bush with his bevy of warmongers like Donald Rumsfeld and Dick Cheney, Paul Wolfowitz, Elliot Abrams etc., who use the lethal “shock and awe” weapon language.

. There are thousands of similar historic examples of both where wealth, power and influence is represented, it is usually with the lethal weapon words.  W.M.D’s  (Weapons of Mass Distortion, Distraction and Didtruction). 


                                                                            5). CONCLUSION.

.In order to achieve an intellectual solution to the global economic, political, cultural, & ecological crisis, we need to develop a system rooted in cohesion, equality, community development and sustainability. Rather than one that emphasizes competition, maximizing profit, consumption, production, accumulation of wealth. The concentration of wealth, inequality, hegemony, and individualism is only sustained at the expense of humanity and our whole planet. Humanity’s very survival and the survival of our ecology depends on the present collective intelligence and scientific capacity to lead us out of this morass. It requires the radical shift in thinking by the public at large. Enabling action recommended by Experts in the various fields of activity that affect and create our social condition. To suggest a few: Dr. Paul Street, Michel Chossudovsky, William Blum, Ellen Brown,Naom Chomsky, Joseph Stiglitz.


(OTHERS that you may add) like: Paul R. Ehrlich, (Bing professor of Population Studies in the Department of Biology)and President of the Centre for Conservation Biology at Stanford University.


These and others, have stated in books, numerous articles and reputable scientific studies at MIT and elsewhere the danger of extinction that we are facing if we continue our present activities. The utilization of our accumulated expertise is an unavoidable imperative. Otherwise, we'll perish as a species along with all other species , and the annihilation of the planet’s capacity to sustain life as we know it. What we need to do is to interact in a rational harmonious way with our environment where we control it as associated producers, regulators, and consumers for the betterment of humanity and our entire environment. In other words, alluding to Adam Smith, we need to develop systematically a world that is grounded in a non-capitalist economic system that is based on human and environmental need - a different value system, as opposed to an unsustainable economic system, based on self interest and profit, that tragically has spiraled out of control, endangering our whole Mother Earth.

To paraphrase a Quote by John F. Kennedy when he was president : Think not of what the world can do for you, but of what

[1] The tyranny of WordS. (Stuart Chase)




We may refer to the benefits of capitalism, globalization, the reduction of major wars, complain about corrupt government and an economic system over which we have no control ! !  But, there seems to be no pressing need for drastic change.
Our current system operates in a manner that extols the virtues social success. The better we are educated, the better path to higher remuneration. Nice house, car, family, all the material benefits that money can buy. This is SUCCESS!  . . .Woopee. You are able to buy all the toys that the age of technology can provide. This is the current social paradigm.


The big problem is: You don’t have time to look up and see the big picture, we are all victims being used for the benefit of a very few people, controlling strategic areas; using wars for international regime change to gain world domination. The big picture shows that we are far from a genuine civilized world. We are suitably educated, provided with an enemy of their choice, and trained to willingly take up arms, and travel thousands of kilometers to kill some other poor victims of their education, who are told we are the enemy that they must kill. WE are political victims; THEY are theological victims.  

Researched results into the cost of the world’s so-called DEFENCE programs up to the year 2000,    . . . .
(And since 9/11 it would have risen)
The number of armed personnel WORLDWIDE was about 30 million. (just imagine the wage bill). The cost of military armament was $1.75 TRILLION. That’s 175,000 BILLION dollars. ANNUALLY . That’s $250.00 for every person alive. At the same time 80% of humanity live on less than $10.00 per day. That’s NOT just a one-off cost, WE are expected to fund this obscenity year after year.

CAPITALISM is the political system that instigated and promotes this insane activity. How it was done is explained explicitly in my book “Civilisation Hijacked”.

What’s in a name? I don’t know what the system would be named that could mobilize 30 million people to spend less than half of the above cost, on lifting the starving and destitute out of their poverty and provide peace and security for the rest of us. But a PLAN worthy of consideration is spelled out at the end of my booklet titled; “Conform or Reform”. (I had an idea of naming a political movement “Neutopia”, which would be ideal). But I can’t even find 10 supporters that are willing to work seriously for our own
 “REGIME  CHANGE”. Never mind an ARAB-SPRING, we desperately need a Civilization Spring.

 The people I regularly socialize  with are the congregation of the Pitt St. Uniting Church. Many of them (to their credit), are very busy seriously occupied, working on the palliative care of the many symptoms of our present social diseases. Such as, Amnesty international, Global warming, Asylum seekers, indigenous sovereignty, LGBTIQ equality, Etc. etc. But NONE  are tackling the CAUSE..   The capitalistic systems of control. Namely: 1). Economics, (the privately owned banks),
2). Political (The oligarchy behind Governments),
3).Theology, (the various believers in the God of Abraham).
Until  and unless  these are seriously tackled,


The intellectual evolutionary advancement of our species has reached the stage where we have ample capacity, both technologically and economically, to produce a peaceful world. There is only ONE thing lacking. “INTELLIGENCE ! ! !”   While so ever the present beneficiaries of  capitalistic societies, (the deep state) are in control, the system will remain.

Unfortunately, the few major beneficiaries, use all the intellectual skills at there disposal. As well as utilizing the intelligence of their prosperous puppeteers. ( the main stream media, politicians and theologians).

But even some of the more intelligent in the Theological area are at last waking up to the scam of RELIGION.   Christianity is the only religion (that I know of), that is letting go of the Zionist “Abrahamic” version of “GOD”
.(At least in a few congregations,)
Where this degree of personal intelligence is used, it naturally extends to the other areas of duplicity that have been used as means of social control. (Politics and economics are two that readily come to mind.)

Recommended reading:

1).“Civilisation Hijacked”  (Al. Morris)
2).“Conform or Reform” A short booklet  (Al. Morris)“
3).It’s the Interest Stupid” (Article by Ellen Brown”). Accessible on Google. 
4).“This Changes Everything”  (Naomi Klien).
5). "Sponaneous Evolution". Bruce Lipton and Steve Bhearman'


                                                      Quote: “Intelligent discrimination is the essence of wisdom”
                                                                                                         Al. Morris





The Three major religions in the world today are Christian Islam and Jewish.  Each  split into various sects, Well over 50 each.

( See Wikipedia for actual Christian, Muslim and Jewish sects. ) Also

Islam in Spain - Wikipedia   Islam was a widespread religion in what is now Spain and Portugal for nine centuries, .... For a time, the area that is today Spain and Portugal was one of the great Muslim civilizations, reaching its summit with the Umayyad Caliphate in the 10th century...

Total Numbers OF theological BELIEVERS:

CHRISTIANITY : Total number 2.2 billion

                  ISLAM  :     “        “      1.6   “

SECULAR: (non Religious: “       1.1 billion
Way down the list is JUDAISM:    14 Million


The four main Muslim sects are Sunni, Shia Sufi and Wahhabi. 1.6 Billion


Wahhabi Theology. .

. This movement, commonly known as the Wahhabi movement, grew out of the scholarship and preaching of Muhammad ibn Abd alWahhab, a scholar of Islamic jurisprudence who had studied in Mesopotamia and the Hijaz before returning to his native Najd to preach his message of Islamic reform.

ISIS or Islamic state in Syria

The Western notion of Shia being the dangerous iteration shifted through fundamentalist Sunni groups such as the Taliban, al Qaeda and the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL, also referred to as ISIS. ...
( “ISIS”  means simply, ‘coming home to roost’.)
It is very difficult to estimate the exact number of actual Wahhabi followers as it depends on the degree of  “FUNDARMENTALISM” any devout Muslim wishes to apply.  However, by my research they would be at least, in the tens of Millions.



In 2017, the Pitt St. congregation, of the AUST Uniting Church, led by Rev. Margaret Mayman,  presented a program
(Painting The Stars).
This program suggests that our planet earth and all life is SOLELY and simply a product of a natural, cosmic, universal evolutionary process.

A segment of the program titled Painting the Stars, is series of video presentations by prominent progressive Christian theologians.

                                                             The following is my Comment on “Painting the Stars (part 6)”
This segment strongly suggests that we build “BRIDGES” so all others  of all faiths or no faith can join us in the wonderful new world that only UNITY can build.
         We already have a gold plated diamond studded bridge that should be enough to allure ex-Christians and other benign non believers to cross. That is, “the message Jesus,  Paul and many others left us; based on the brotherhood of humanity regardless of gender, race, color, nationality or cultural differences”.

         The big PROBLEM IS : Other faiths that have installed implacable laws “INSURMOUNTABLE WALLS”.
Such as Islam with it’s Sharia law and Judaism’s Zionist Torah. strongly guarded and defended. These walls, like all other walls, prevent unification. These must be dissolved before the victims of these antiquated and repressive areas of population control, have any incentive, desire or chance to change.

          I believe we must first erode these walls of separation by rational reasonable and scientifically based evidence; as we in the Pitt St congregation are in the process of doing in the “Painting The Stars” study. We don’t have to build the bridge, Jesus Paul and others built it 2000 years ago. All we must do is to seriously challenge the false foundations of the walls that have imprisoned billions of helpless victims. V They are victims of the environment in which they were born. Until and unless this is done, UNITY is dead in the water. We face a serious conflagration that threatens  ALL LIFE ON EARTH.


Keep eroding the foundation of the walls with scientific evidence and presentations like Common Dreams and Painting the Stars. It is a rational, logical and scientifically based BRIDGE.  The gate is narrow but the ramp is wide enough to introduce ALL OF US to a world beyond our wildest dreams.

         This was JESUS’ MISSION.  For which he gave his life.
The world’s BILLIONS of needy and repressed are crying out for this to happen. And, if we don’t do it, who will? And if not NOW when?


Communication by use of the spoken and written word, we transmit ideas; (belief systems) and psychologically persuade and perpetuate them, according to the agenda of the communicator. Language is the most effective tool (or weapon) that humanity has developed.
The world has evolved radically in the area of humanity’s diverse theological belief systems. Today we are experiencing an evolutionary shift in the area of the orthodox Christian faith, to a more secular accommodation of theology. However in other religions such as Zionism and Islam especially “ISIS”,  there is a stubborn clinging to radical conformity, and an entrenched resistance to change. 

         In the Christian effort to maintain a Mystical belief and to avoid the growing secularization of Christianity, we use words like WORSHIP, SACRED and DIVINE to invoke and maintain the perception of an over-all MYSTICAL  being or force. Also particular rituals like, gongs, bells and chants etc. used as the means of calling collective attention to the HERE and NOW. Or, is it just to conjure up an air of the MYSTICAL! 

           If, as the program of “Common Dreams” and “Painting the Stars” suggests;
 We are “ALL just the product of the “Development of the universal cosmic evolutionary process”,
 the use of many of the present descriptive words is definitely inappropriate.
Worship should be replaced by “Acknowledge”.
Sacred:, by “Precious” and
Divine: by “Perfection”
and so on throughout all the biblical descriptive jargon.
All the ancient misnomers should be brought up to date and couched in language that reflects a practical, secular, scientific, and more accurate understanding.

I am of the opinion that if the Uniting Church were to adopt such a stance, it would attract a large number of secular, agnostic/atheistic people.

People who fully agree with Christ’s message and teaching; but are put off by concept that we are a mob of bible-bashers that believe in “fairies at the bottom of the garden” and “pie in the sky when you die”



 Article on Saudi Arabia’s influence in Indonesia. 
(By Peter Hartcher  - March 2017

A parallel universe exists just200 Km from Australian shores. It’s otherwise known as Indonesia. A remarkable event that you haven’t heard of is taking place there. It was the subject of wall to wall coverage in Indonesia and the cause of great excitement But it was near invisible in Australian media For the first time in 47 years the King of Saudi Arabia visited. It was “unparalleled in modern times. “ according to the SOUTH CHINA MORNING POST’S David Dodwell.
        King Salman travelled with seven ministers, 19 princes of the house of SAUD. A total retinue of 1500 people and 460 tons of  gear delivered by 27 cargo planes. It include tons of halal food, the most expensive car ever seen in Indonesia and other essentials such as 2 gold coloured escalators so the 81 yr old monarch could descend effortlessly from his personal jet. “The sheer extravagance completely awestruck his Indonesian audiences” reports ANU Indonesia expert Greg Fealy, who was in Jakarta.
        All this stuff Just to show “expense is no object “. The visit had the desired affect. It so dazzled the Indonesians that the country was struck by a sudden amnesia. According to Fealy, “All grudges, tensions or complaints seemed to be forgotten. “There was no critical commentary”.

The King is the custodian of the holy Muslim cities of Mecca and Medina. The place that devout Muslims hope to visit on their pilgrimage before they die. And of course Indonesia is the place of the world’s biggest Muslim- majority population nation. Indonesia’s president was happy to romanticise the visit, completely overlooking  the contrast between Indonesia, one of the worlds greatest democratic success stories and Saudi, one of the worlds notorious autocracies. Family indulgence masquerading as a nation state.
        We have special ties with Saudi Arabia said Joko Widodo known universally as Jokowi, “united by Islam and brotherhood”. Except that the country’s differences over Islam, maybe almost as great as their commonalities. Indonesia’s state ideology of Pancasila specifically guarantees religious pluralism. Its traditional form of worship is relaxed and tolerant. Indonesia’s Islam is redolent with” all the flavours it had picked up while stewing for centuries in the rich cultures of the islands”. As journalist Elizabeth Pisani puts it.
        Saudi Arabia by contrast, is the very definition of religious intolerance. Muslims that renounce Islam are executed. “Its Salafist-Wahhabist official religion is a brand of ultra-conservative Islam that is nearly identical to that of the “Islamic State” Says William McCants. Author of  “The ISIS Apocalypse”. The two are so similar, that when looking for text books for children in Syria, it printed copies of official Saudi textbooks it found on-line.

Professor Brahmi Chellany, of the Centre for policy research in New Delhi estimates that since the 1970’s Saudi Arabia has spent US$200 Billion on “its global Jihad project. Including funding global Wahhabi madrassas

(Islamic schools), Mosques clerics and books” Indonesia is one of the prime targets for the Saudi missionary project. Wahhabist money going into Indonesia is one of the things that has started to undercut the traditional accommodating and syncret-ist view of Islam in Indonesia”. Says Allen Gyngell former head of Australia’s Peak Intelligence Body, the Body of National Assessments and former head of the Lowy Institute. “In fact it has been a far more dangerous trend, I think, than some of the things that have received far more publicity, than some of the extremist views like Al-Qaeda”.     
         How? The money going into the madrassa’s has been undercutting the foundation of Indonesian Islam, helping to reshape the conventional approach to Islam in Indonesia. Young people won’t turn out extremists, but they will have a more puritanical, less accommodating view of Islam. It is undermining Pancasila, the thing that from the beginning, has kept Indonesia together and been profoundly beneficial to Australia.
        King Salman announced US$1 Billion in social aid for Indonesia including money for schools and a US$6 Billion injection into Indonesia’s state owned Oil firm. He announced unlimited flights between the two countries. His most popular gift however was an extra 50,000 places a year, for Indonesians making the Hajj to Mecca and Medina.
         The Saudi’s have been pressing for the tripling of the size of their Wahhabis University in Indonesia which offers free tuition. And it is expected that, Jakarta will reluctantly agree.
        In the face of relentless Saudi relentless, pernicious proselytising. What has Australia done? Cut its aid funding for Indonesian schools and more than halved the number of scholarships it offers Indonesian to study in Australia. Canberra needs to do a lot more than just revisit these cuts. Together with like minded nations, it should work with the Indonesian Government and institutions like the world bank and the Asian Development bank, to put together a long term program to help Jakarta fund quality schools and universities.  If this sounds a bit ambitious, like the post war “Marshal Plan” that rebuilt a shattered Europe, it should be.
        Indonesia is one of the Islamic world’s success stories. To leave its future to the influence of Riyadh would put our biggest neighbour in the hands of one of the Islamic world’s most dangerous dead ends.
Peter Hartcher is international editor for the Sydney Morning Herald), 

                                                                                                 AN  ALLEGORY: 
Islam is the BODY of one belief system. In that body there are several infectious diseases. Some are benign and some are aggressive. As in our Physical body we have viruses and infections and some are life threatening: like (Cancer).We can accept, live with and treat infections, but the aggressive cancers that are a threat to our very existence, must be CUT OUT or we DIE. This applies to ALL Theological belief systems UNIVERSALLY.
Exactly what strategy do we decide on when it comes to the survival of our planet? 
                                                                           DEAL WITH  IT AND LIVE, OR IGNORE IT AND DIE! ! 



[1] The innate capacity and complexity of the human brain, is a MYSTERY in itself, as we are told by top scientists in this field. We utilize only a very small fraction of our mental capacity.
Science and medical technology have been slowly unravelling and expanding our knowledge in the area of the natural human intellectual evolutionary process.  Until the complexity of this human organ is totally understood, it will remain  MYSTICAL.



A Love Story

The most common variety of love that the vast majority of modern Western world understands, on a superficial level, is romantic love. Usually, the starting point is an acquaintance, followed by friendship, mutual respect and biological physical attraction. Underlying this, is a far greater subconscious Psychological factor, a genetic imperative that needs to be addressed

           Love, is an emotion generated in the mind of all humanity in varying  areas and degrees. The same applies to many living species. The human journey from the embryo to the grave is biologically programmed precisely. The genetic formula is the same for all of our species. There is no such thing as a national, Christian, Jewish, Muslim, and Hindu or any other idealistic or emotional gene.

           Regardless of what is being said about our origin, in terms of evolution, creation, or the Big Bang, There are a few undeniable facts that we need to address.

1). All the different emotional political ideologies and theological beliefs that we, (The whole of humanity) have invented, cannot all be right.
2). We exist; and all our existing belief systems could be wrong
3). We now possess weapons capable of total self-destruction of life on earth.  Some, being under the control of people with diametrically opposed ideologies.  Of these, some have demonstrated a willingness` to send the rest of us ` to hell, to achieve their idea of paradise.
4). We now live in the age of science and technology and I would suggest we utilize the lessons that have learned through our painful evolutionary history; in order to develop the means whereby we can prosper and exist harmoniously, as beneficiaries of our latest technological and scientific advances. 

5). Our choice: Figure out how to do it, or risk early self-inflicted extinction. Modern Science tells us, we are ALL one inter-connected form of life. Also, all life forms on earth arose from the inter-connection of Energy and Matter and the subsequent evolutionary process (today, called The Big Bang). The subsequent cosmic activity is a totally separate, independent function, and in today’s reality, irrelevant to the present human activities that seriously threaten our existence. 

            The human mind, having evolved by experience and environment, trial and error over millennia, was developed, but not programmed by the laws of nature. We are continuously searching to reveal and understand these laws and have complete intellectual freedom. Also:
The capacity to collectively create our own balance of temporary existence and survival.
           Why is it, that particular emotionally driven concepts, (like, a religious belief) or a god that we say is “love,” is entrenched in the minds of so many? Is there a simple answer? I believe so! An explanation is as follows.
          What is it that makes any particular human emotion, like theology, politics, or a national identity worth dying for?  It all depends on the value we personally place on our life. The question is: What specific value, do these areas of our existence have and are they worth your life?
          With theology; it’s the promise of pie in the sky when you die. (if you believe).
With political ideology; well, we all know exactly what politicians do!
With any nationalistic group; what’s in a name? Is it worth you life?
There’s an important message in the old adage from the gospel of “John” in the Christian New Testament: Ch.15.V 13. “There is no greater love than to lay down ones life for a friend”.  Exactly what is this emotion (psychological condition) we call LOVE and from where does it come?  The mind!
          This begs the question. What is the mind? The mind is a function of the brain that consciously analyses sensory perceptions.
 According to neurosurgeon Richard M. Bergland; We’ve known for some time that the brainstem regulates arousal,  (awareness), that we call the “spark plug of consciousness.” This is the oldest and deepest part of the brain. The starting point for the spinal cord, the brainstem controls breathing, heart function, and the sleep-wake cycle. But where awareness emanates from has long been a mystery. Previous speculations say it resides in the cortex, the newest parts of the brain, and its outermost layer. For the first time, neuroscientists have found a connection between these two regions, according to Michael D. Fox, MD, PhD, a researcher on this study. “A lot of pieces of evidence all came together to point to this network,”
         This applies to the whole of our species and it is vital that each of us recognize the importance of our capacity for this awareness or, “connected consciousness.”
                 In simple terms, it is ones strong psychological and physiological connection with another. .  “LOVE”!

Our recognition of this emotional process is the vehicle necessary to create the greater perception of “Collective” Consciousness.
(the symbiotic relationship). That is, the recognition that we are connected to everyone and everything else in the natural world.  this only occurs, when it is extended to all others. It goes to our spirit, psyche`, or ego.  This state is beyond normal sensory perception. It is an extra-sensory mind generated perception or, (emotion). This, I believe, is the fundamental nature of love.
        You could call it god if you like, as it initiates and inspires the recognition of the underlying human spirit or, consciousness. Also our capacity to understand and accept the perfection and progression of the natural universal evolutionary process. In theological language: The Divine.
To Quote John Lennon, Love is all we need.

       However! there are several areas and degrees of love, on a scale from Zero, (complete apathy), to passionately sincere. For example: You may love ice-cream, a pet animal, or fashionable clothes. But are they worth dying for?  if you have been blessed by being loved or having experienced sincere love for say, your spouse or ones children, you will have experienced and recognize that, which for you, is worth dying for.
To what degree do you place your love, faith or belief in any god?
           Faith is a belief that one accepts as true and exists as,

a). The mystical: Blind faith in, anything without any credible evidence or proof. The mental attitude is an intellectual position one accepts and adopts wholly, as given and accepted as valid. For instance: In defending any particular fundamental religious concept, validity is assumed. The only evidence is anecdotal and of a purely personal nature. There are many unreliable and unbelievable analogies that have absolutely no scientific or logical basis. At the moment, several large groups of people, whole nations in fact, that are killing and willing to die for their particular blind faith in their god. Where does this attitude and fervent belief come from and why is it so?
          To explain it simply, we are born into it. We become part of whatever cultural environment that moulds us from birth and through our most impressionable infant years, to maturity. It becomes extremely difficult, almost impossible to apply a rational secular concept in the face of the wider and local cultural community beliefs.

Especially as, in the early years of Roman Catholicism, and in some Muslim faiths, the death penalty for apostasy is applied. Alternatively:
b). Secular: Is provisional faith in only that which comes with irrefutable evidence and proof.
c). Symbiosis. Is our dependence on the others of us for our existence? Without whom, we as individuals or communities could not flourish..
 In their diversity, they create our community, grow our food and supply our every need. Without them in their multitude we could not exist. And lastly.

d). For diversity: This phenomenon is and should be, our greatest asset. However, in the course of the history of humanity, tribal, cultural and national differences have been created and emphasized.
         We have been fragmented. Politically, theologically, nationally and economically compartment-alised  and insulated. The world is being bled dry by shrewd international controllers consisting of .001% of us.
For personal power and wealth and total disregard for the common good.
          For a very early example of this: Read Genesis and the “Abraham story”. (Concocted by the leaders of the twelve tribes of Israel).  How many were killed then and on-going.  ALL caused, by that wicked invention. Countless millions! When all we need is unifying LOVE. Not a fragmenting God.
         Where there is an individual emotional need of a faith, I suggest, the only one that may be worth dying for, is: Faith in the survival of our species, and the capacity of our human intellectual ability to achieve it. All simply explained in my book,
“Civilisation Hijacked”.

                                                     Towards A new meaningful Reformation
                                                                           By Albert Morris
For some time many people have realized the urgent need o a eview our present attitude to the general concept of Theological worship. 
Today we are stuck with three major branches of religious thought; centered on the myth of Abraham and his covenant with his comparatively new type of god.                                  These particular three branches each have strict rules and regulations that have proved to be insurmountable walls that separate us. History has shown the disastrous affect on the world’s various cultural. national and ethnic societies. This divide of COLOUR, RACE AND CREED is in itself, a very formidable barrier to overcome without compounding it with the present thousands of sub-branches of the three main, and dozen or so minor religions. 
           I am encouraged by the fact that modern day intellectual, scientific and medical evidence has progressed to the point where even some of the more flexible theological systems are conceding to the fact that the ancient theological concepts are untenable - if not totally unacceptable - in this present atmosphere of political, economic and cultural division and aggression. Particularly as some of our radical theological groups now have the means to eradicate the rest of us if we disagree with their theology and social system. These are the aggressive element in at least two of the three prominent beliefs - Islam and Zionist- Judaism.
Islam, was created by an illiterate Arab, Who alleged the angel Gabriel gave him the vision and words that he dictated to scribes. These were compiled and exist as the Qu’ran. 
Judaism, was created by the mythical allegation of Abraham that he entered into a covenant with a new god and is detailed in the Torah and the Talmud. Briefly, as follows:
 If his people (the twelve tribes of Israel) obeyed his rules and worshiped this god, they and their future progeny would be the beneficiaries of the Covenant that gave them all the land from the border of Egypt to the Euphrates River (Most of the known world in those days) and as, encouraged them to invade and commit GENOCIDE on all the local inhabitants. (read Joshua in the Old Testament). This alleged covenant stated that the tribes of Israel were god’s chosen people above all others and he would help them and bless those that bless them and curse those that curse them. 


As we are well aware, Jesus –a JEW - recognizing that this situation would lead to eventual disaster, suggested a New Covenant. The foundation of which is LOVE, COMPASSION and FORGIVENESS, by all for ALL. He bravely defied the existing hierarchy and stated that we, the whole of HUMANITY, a
re ALL unconditionally connected as brothers and sisters. They preached and practiced the lessons learnt from what has been handed down in the various parables attributed to him.
         As the new covenant was not in accordance with the established alleged God-given laws?”, stating that only the Jewish progeny of Abraham were the beneficiaries of their covenant. He broke that law (and several others) and was summarily executed.
They killed the man, but they could not kill the spirit.
His spirit lives on today; reincarnated in the hearts and minds of all that realize the Scientific and intellectually proven fact that he was correct in his assertion that we are all one.
“( Stop PRESS.) Just now, 7.30 am. 17th Oct. 2017.
The morning news Radio national announced a land mark discovery!

 astro-scientists have just now heard and observed the collision of two stars colliding Millions of years ago. It somehow gives them a clue as to how the various elements such as gold, mercury etc. are produced.”

         This, highlights the objective reason for this article!

IF, as the Common Dreams Program that is now being espoused by the Uniting Church of Australia is correct, (with which incidentally I agree.) Not only are we as a species of life on earth all connected, but we are also the result of the Universal cosmic evolutionary process. And, as such not under or bound by the ignorant, self serving theological and political ranting of our past and some present theological hierarchy. It is way past the time where we should seriously discuss a new direction and mission for our church.
           I believe that the original message that was espoused by Jesus encapsulated the very rational, reasonable and desirable path to continue to follow; without heavy load of ancient baggage. Most of which is garbage produced in the time of total ignorance of science.

          Sooner or later, this blight on humanity’s intellectual evolutionary process MUST be embraced and confronted,                            

  In support of the above observations, I submit some significant information that may engender enough mass resentment of past political and theological

chicanery, to rouse the indignation of the most placid of thoughtful people.

  1.                                                 AIPAC & The US:  Paul Craig Roberts
    Dr. Roberts was Assistant Secretary of the US Treasury for Economic Policy in the Reagan Administration. He was associate editor and columnist with the Wall Street Journal, columnist for Business Week and the Scripps Howard News Service. He is a contributing editor to Gerald Celente's Trends Journal. He has had numerous university appointments. His books, The Failure of Laissez Faire Capitalism and Economic Dissolution of the West is available 

The Israel Lobby has shown its power over Americans' perceptions and ability to exercise free speech via its influence in media, entertainment and ability to block university tenure appointments, such as those of Norman Finkelstein and Steven Salaita. Indeed, the power of the Israel Lobby is today so widely recognized and feared that editors, producers, and tenure committees anticipate the lobby's objections in advance and avoid writers, subjects, and professors judged unacceptable to the
       The latest example is The American Conservative's firing of former CIA officer Philip Giraldi. Giraldi wrote an article for the Unz Review about Israel's influence over American foreign policy in the Middle East. The article didn't say anything that the Israeli newspaper Haaretz hadn't said already.
       The editor of The American Conservative, where Giraldi had been a contributor for a decade and a half, was terrified that the magazine was associated with a critic of Israel and quickly terminated the relationship. Such abject cowardice as the editor of The American Conservative showed is a true measure of the power of the Israel Lobby.
       Many seasoned experts believe that without the influence of the Israel Lobby, particularly as exerted by the Jewish Neoconservatives, the United States would not have been at war in the Middle East and North Africa for the last 16 years. These wars have done nothing for the US but harm, and they have cost taxpayers trillions of dollars and caused extensive death and destruction in seven countries and a massive refugee flow into Europe.
        For a superpower such as the United States not to be in control of its own foreign policy is a serious matter. Giraldi is correct and patriotic to raise this concern. Giraldi makes sensible recommendations for correcting Washington's lack of control over its own policy. But instead of analysis and debate of Giraldi's proposals, the result is Giraldi's punishment by an editor of a conservative publication anticipating the Israel Lobby's wishes.
        Americans should think about the fact that Israel is the only country on earth that it is impermissible to criticize. Anyone who criticizes Israeli policy, especially toward the Palestinians, or remarks on Israel's influence, is branded an "anti-Semite." Even mild critics who are trying to steer Israel away from making mistakes, such as former President Jimmy Carter, are branded "anti-Semites."
         The Israel Lobby's purpose in labeling a critic an "anti-Semite" is to discredit the criticism as an expression of dislike or hatred of Jews. In other words, the criticism is presented as merely an expression of the person's aversion to Jewishness. A persistent critic is likely to be charged with trying to incite a new holocaust.
         It is possible to criticize the policy of Germany, France, Spain, UK, Italy, Brazil, Mexico, Russia, China, Iran, the US, indeed, every other country without being called anti-German, Anti-French, Anti-British, Anti-American, etc., although US policy in the Middle East is so closely aligned with Israel's that the Israel Lobby regards critics of US Middle East policy as hostile to Israel. Despite the failures of US policy, it is getting more and more difficult to criticize it without the risk of being branded "unpatriotic," and possibly even a "Muslim sympathizer" and "anti-Semite."
         The power of the Israel Lobby is seen in many places. For example, the US Congress demands that RT, a news service, register as a Russian agent, but AIPAC, before whom every year the US Congress pays its homage and submission, does not have to register as an Israeli agent.
        The many anomalies in the Israel Lobby's power pass unremarked. For example, the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) defines criticism of Israeli policies as defamation and brands critics "anti-Semites." In other words, the ADL itself is set up in the business of defamation or name-calling. The incongruity of an organization created to oppose defamation engaging in defamation as its sole purpose, passes unremarked.
        Israel is very proud of its power over the United States. Israeli political leaders have a history of bragging about their power over America. But if an American complains about it, he is a Jew-hater. The only safe way for an American to call attention to the power Israel has over the US is to brag about it. It is OK to acknowledge Israel's power if you put it in a good light, but not if you complain about it
         So let me put it this way: Israel's unique ability to discredit all criticism of its policies as a mere expression of anti-Jewish sentiment is the greatest public relations success in the history of PR. The stupidity of the goy is easily overcome by the more capable Jew. Hats off to Israel for outwitting the dumb-sh*t Americans and taking over their foreign policy. Perhaps Israel should take over US domestic policy as well. Or have they already? It has been 30 years since the Federal Reserve has had a non-Jewish Chairman, and for the past three years Stanley Fischer, the former chairman of the Central Bank of Israel, has been Vice Chairman of the Federal Reserve. Since the Clinton regime, the Treasury Secretaries have been predominately Jewish. We can say that their financial talent makes them natural candidates for these positions, but it is disingenuous to deny the influence of this small minority in American life. This influence becomes a problem when it is used to silence free speech.

The Creation Of  I.S.I.S 

It is now 50 years since the RE- occupation of Israel by the cruel Zionist hierarchy. The first occupation was about 4000 years earlier, when they committed their God Directed, genocidal, campaign. The purpose was to occupy the territory now known as Palestine, and eliminate all the other resident tribes or Kingdoms.
         To realize the degree of cruelty and callousness of the campaigns, in their own vivid and detailed account, a must read is, the book of Joshua. As preserved in the TORAH and the Christian Old Testament. Thirty-one Kingdoms in all were totally destroyed. This self indictment, alone, should be enough for anyone to understand the anger and resentment of the remnants of their populations left standing.
        Eventually Jesus, a Jew, one of their own who understood that “too much is enough”, offered and preached the only true path to peace; “Love Compassion and forgiveness for all, by all”.
This was in direct violation of their core belief that, Jews are god’s chosen people. Accordingly, together with the Roman Consul’s concurrence, he was swiftly executed. The Roman occupation and subsequent historic events are readily obtained in various (historical?) records.

        History is tainted by the tendency of writers to portray events to fit their particular national interest. (History is written by the victor).Especially where patronage, politics and patriotic language (propaganda), is used to sway popular opinion.       

          Since 1936 and the Israeli occupation of Palestine in 1967, the Zionist Israeli political lobby has worked its way into the Bowels of the strongest military force the world has ever seen. It is known as, A.I.P.A.C (the America Israeli Public Affair Committee).


My credentials are: As a Christian EX-Jew ANTI ZIONIST, (NOT anti Jewish). With very wealthy and influential Dual Citizen family members that contribute not only to Israeli society, but also to  furthering what they consider the American/Israeli joint interest. This strong alliance between Israel and the U.S.A, has effectively achieved the result of having America fighting Israel’s war.          
                                      How clever is that?        
BUT! Every action has a consequence.

The consequence of the USA’s Regime Change policies, implemented in Iraq, on the foundation of what has been proven to be outright lies by the Bush administration, are bad enough. But the collusion between the so-called “Western Powers” (and Israel), to destabilize the Middle East has brought about the most horrendous human  cruelty, social disruption, infra-structure demolition and callous disregard of international law the world has ever seen.

All this can be sheeted back to the Israeli Zionist’s and their drive for the establishment of Greater Israel.
          The Zionist Jews were the first terrorists in Palestine .
 In the three years between 1936 to 1939, before the state of Israel was arbitrarily created, 60 actions were carried out by Jewish paramilitary groups such as the , the Lehi, the Haganah and the Palmach as part of a conflict between the Zionist Jews against the British authorities, and Palestinian Arabs, regarding land, immigration, and control over Palestine. Ben Gurion, the famous Zionist patriot, (and terrorist); became the first President of the arbitrarily appointed State of Israel. There have been over 90 United nations security Council directives issued on Israel; all vetoed by the United States.
                                                           Thanks to A.I.P.A.C.


In 1946 Zionists bombed the King David Hotel killing 91 people mostly civilians, staff and including 20 British citizens.
Plus over 70 more organized Brutal massacres up to 2010. 
             Is it any wonder that the Palestinian people were finally driven to the extreme retaliation that we are witnessing now from their hierarchy, I.S.I.S.
The recent relentless cruel persecution and vilification of the various Islamic countries by the “Western Powers” produced this inevitable cruel resistance.



WE are ALL ONE!  THEY ARE US. And, UNLESS WE LEARN.the Vital Lesson that was preached by a Jewish Rabbi (Jesus),













Quote:  Intelligent discrimination is the essence of wisdom .
  (Al. Morris)