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Re education in China!

Another message from the MILITARY INUSTRIAL COMPLEX. On the 1st November, 7 am. on Radio National the recent discovery of re-education facilities in China. Specifically designed to convert Islamic people to the widespread scientifically proven fact that the Zionist god, which is the equivalent of the Moslem Allah, is a blatant, self-serving construct. This was presented as being a very bad and undesirable action by the Chinese government. The present method of dealing with the Moslems in Syria, Palestine, Libya and Yemen, is to kill and dis-possess as many as possible. By contrast, Pu Yi, last Emperor of China, was re-educated and pardoned. The last of the Manchu emperors received a formal pardon on December 4th, 1959. The man known as Henry Pu Yi led one of the strangest lives of the 20th century. The last of the Manchu emperors who succeeded to the throne as a boy of two in 1908, died as a free citizen. The ONLY reason that our Western governments do not follow suit, is that it is most profitable our “Military Industrial Complex” to keep us divided as enemies rather than unite us with a rational re-education program. Why do you think Jesus was crucified? He was, a recalcitrant, revolutionary Jew, who recognized that the Zionist Judaic belief system was, a “STRICKTLY SELF-SERVING CONSTRUCT.” The best evidence of this is the “Gospel of Thomas” which was conveniently omitted from Roman Catholic Christian bible Produced by the Roman emperor “Constantine. Jesus presented us with a NEW COVERNANT BASED on UNITY. LOVE, COMPASSION AND FORGIVENESS. For ALL by ALL. This required ENIGHTENMENT through EDUCATION not ELIMINATION.

ENLIGHTENMENT will never come through the BARREL OF A GUN. However, this does NOT profit our present crop of controlling POLITICAL THEOLOGICAL and ECONOMIC elite, so it must be opposed and denigrated at all costs. So, HERE WE GO, ANOTHER STEP TOWARDS WAR with China. Al Morris

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